‘I aim to capture the subtle communicative properties of the body. Whilst making these figures I connect with a character or personality through the pose. Getting into the pose myself enables me to see how it feels, find the weight and make the figure by transferring into the sculpture how I physically feel. The building up of small fragments and unifying them into a form enables ambiguity to lead my eye.’

Tobias Ford is a British sculptor. He mainly sculpts figurative works of art from steel, welding fragments together using a self-developed method. He also exhibits art works from wire and plaster, playing on his intuitive manner of sculpting. Referred to as 'one of the most promising artists', HCA, capturing intent or movement, as well as the line of form and weight of gravity, inspire him.

He accepts work on commission, and exhibits nationally and internationally. After graduating from the Hereford College of Arts (HCA) in Applied Fine Arts, he worked with Laurence Edwards, Antonia Hockton and ArtWorks, before focussing solely on his own work at Butley Mills Studios in Suffolk, UK. He has exhibited collaboratively with writer, composer and artist Dide Siemmond in Sapporo, Japan, and Venice, Italy.

He is also a blacksmith-knifemaker. Having successfully run TOBIAS FORD KNIVES for a while, he decided to team up with then apprentice Max Clapson to create COLBERT FORGE (www.colbertforge.com) in 2017. They accept commissions as well as selling at shops, fairs and galleries, also offering knife design, knife-making and forging experience days for those who want to get hands-on or simply watch the duo in action.

Contact Tobias at tobias_ford@hotmail.com for any queries, commissions, sales or representation.

(Website credit: Dide Siemmond; Photo credits: Fred Ixer, Tobias Ford, Dide Siemmond, Tiziana Mandolesi)